5 Indonesian Desserts You Must Try – North Perth Indonesian Restaurant


Indonesia, beyond any doubt, has a massive list of cuisines for delicious desserts. In fact, these “sweet treats” have been bannering their reputation as one of the world’s most remarkable cuisines. So, whether you’re inside or outside of the country, you can still get a hold of their recipes.

Here at North Perth Indonesian Restaurant, we serve delectable desserts that perhaps, you haven’t tasted before! If you know and have eaten some of them, good for you! But if you’re also one of the countless Australians who aren’t oriented about the said sweet pastry, then you better continue reading.

Now, fix yourself and head your way here in Perth Indonesian restaurant. When you arrive, these 5 Indonesian desserts are a must-try-to-eat!

1. Enticing ES TELER

Es Teler comprises of avocado, square cuts of jackfruit with shaved ice on top of it, and young shredded coconut. It’s tremendously sweet and an ice based Indonesian dessert that you can surely find in any Indonesian food court/stall or pastry corner at any market.

This captivating creamy dessert has sweet, succulent coconut substance, and a delicious fragrance just like that of an aromatic jackfruit. To be honest, anyone who eats this dessert could possibly become addictive to it!

2. The Humble PISANG GORENG (Fried Bananas)

Pisang means Banana. Pisang Ambon, Pisang Kepok, Pisang Raja, Pisang Ketip are the various banana kinds, which you can use to make a Pisang Goreng. These ripe bananas are typically secured with a batter that differ in taste, depending upon the flour mixture applied.

This delicacy is typically served for snacks and not just enjoyed in Indonesia, but also in the Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore.

3. The Captivating CENDOL

This green, worm-like jam in coconut milk is one of the most popular desserts not just here in Perth, but also in an Indonesian restaurant in Sydney. Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, and Thailand also crowned this satisfying delicacy/beverage as one of the favourites.

Here in Indonesian restaurant in Perth, it’s considered as one of the most sensational drinks! Cendol is actually a dessert for refreshment. Drink it and swallow its green worm-like, rice flour jelly.

4. The Boastful KOLAK

This delicacy is a mix of banana, cassava,  pumpkin, sweet potato, diced in chomp size pieces, and stewed in coconut milk and palm sugar. If you think this dessert is quite familiar to you, well, it’s not that impossible. It’s because this food is the most favourite dessert for Iftar during the holy month of Ramadan.

5. The Alluring KLEPON (Sweet Coconut Rice Balls)

There are 2 kinds of Klepon. First is the rice flour-based Green Klepon. Second is the Black Klepon, which utilises black sticky rice. Both are delicious and the only difference is the texture. You can expect a “blasting” sensation of brown sugar liquid in your mouth once you eat Klepon. So, if you don’t have a sweet tooth, you should probably prepare yourself for some unexpected “sweet exploding balls attack.”

Excited to taste these desserts in Indonesian restaurant Perth WA?

Move your feet and join us here in North Perth Indonesian Restaurant! Eat these desserts and prove that Indonesian food in Australia is truly one of the best dishes in the country.