6 Indonesian Dishes to Try at North Perth Indonesian Restaurant


Perth is home to a number of tourist attractions that will surely captivate every individual. Not only that, they have numerous restaurants that can fill your stomach with mouth-watering delicacies. If you’re palate is looking for something new, it’s time to give the best Indonesian restaurant in Perth a try.

North Perth Indonesian Restaurant is a reputable diner built to serve a variety of authentic and palatable Indonesian cuisines. We make sure to offer you succulent dishes that are infused with traditional meals from different regions of Indonesia. Here the top meals you will certainly enjoy in our restaurant:

1. Indonesian Satay

Satay are meat skewers that are cooked over coals. These juicy treats are topped with peanut sauce and are usually served with ketupat (rice cakes). It’s actually a national dish introduced by the street vendors in Indonesia and is considered to be the most celebrated food. It’s practically very tasty and highly addictive.

2. Beef Rendang

This popular dish originated from Padang, Sumatra. All food coming from Padang are famous for their spiciness and richness in flavour. If you’re looking for something to burst your taste palate, then you have to try Beef Rendang. This is somewhat similar to Beef Curry, only without the broth. You will never regret visiting our Indonesian restaurant here in Perth.

3. Indonesian Fried Rice

Everyone may have tried fried rice at some point of their dining experience. It’s one of the most versatile dishes out there. You can just combine rice with chicken, beef, veggies, seafood or whatever you can think of. What makes Indonesian Fried Rice different is the use of sweet, thick soy sauce called keycap. It’s also garnished with pickled cucumber, acar and carrots.

4. Sop Buntut (Oxtail Soup)

The name says it all – a soup with Oxtail as its main meat. It was believed that the recipe started in London during the 17th century. However, this Asian version is still as popular. It’s considered to be a healthy and hearty soup. It contains barbecued oxtail, boiled potatoes, carrots and other spices. It’s served with rice and sweet soy sauce.

5. Siomay

This dish is Indonesia’s own version of dim sum. It contains steamed fish dumplings. It usually comes with steamed cabbage, potato, egg and topped with peanut sauce. You don’t have to walk through Indonesian streets to taste this delicacy as this is already served in our restaurant here in Perth WA.

6. Pempek

Coming from South Sumatra, Pempek or Empek-empek is a meal made from fish and tapioca. This comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. The most craved one is called Kepal Selam (submarine) that has an egg in the middle. Pempek is sprinkled with shrimp powder and served with Chuka – a dark dipping sauce made from chill, vinegar and sugar.

North Perth Indonesian Restaurant will never fail you when it comes to exotic cuisine. We only aim to continue to serve authentic dishes that will make you come back for more. Not only that, we make sure your money is well-spent with us. What are you waiting for? Give the best Indonesian restaurant in Perth a try now. Surely you will never regret this amazing experience.