Vegetarian Fried Rice

indonesian restaurant

Oftentimes, we fear what we eat. No, not ‘watch’ but fear. This is most certainly true of dishes from the other side of the continent. The name alone makes us shiver that we block all our senses of the possibility of loving it.

At North Perth Indonesian restaurant, we serve dishes that are healthy, scrumptious and most especially, affordable. Our wide array of menu speaks forth of our aim to come up with something for everyone.

The simplicity of our dishes is dearly complimented by our use of fresh produce found all throughout Indonesia. That is our secret – we use nothing but the freshest ingredients to let you savour the flavours of Asia while in Australia.

One of our best sellers is our Vegetarian Fried Rice. This is a meal in itself as it is packed with vegetable goodness and age-old rice that could have you up for seconds. For those who are craving for something healthy, this is the dish for you.

Imagine a plateful of savoury rice with diced carrots, bean curd, string beans and green peas spliced together with egg and shrimp paste. Now, that is one exciting dish to satisfy your craving.

Health conscious individuals can mix and match their vegetable preferences and could add pieces of fruits like pineapple, avocado and apple to name a few. Try adding a dash of chili powder and you are in 7th heaven with every bite.

To make it more authentic, we have added some staple mushrooms and sesame oil. The smell of sesame invigorates the exciting clamour for a meal that is truly satisfying. On top of it all, have it while it is hot and you will never look at age-old rice the same way again.

Hence, Indonesian restaurants found on the other side of the world are your next best bet to a happy travel minus the grandeur of immigration lines and unaccountable expenses.  Experience Indonesia while in North Perth Australia and be transported to Asia with every bite.